Don’t say yes to everything.

Posted by Helle Høgsbro Krag on December 06, 2010
Don’t say yes to everything.
December 4th 2010
My sister in law just organized some of the stuff in her house. Her kids are teens now and she asked if I wanted to inherit some old Barbie dolls. Without thinking for even a second I said yes and was already tied up in a dream about playing with my daughter with these dolls and their vintage clothes and accessories.

This was what I got; Six naked Barbie’s, one naked Ken and an equally undressed child. Where was all the 70´ies glamour dresses, high heels and little purses?

Instead I got eight beaten up plastic dolls with all their hair cut in peculiar hairdos. I am sure at least one of the children is going to be a hairdresser in that family.

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